5 Nov 2010

Nomor Research and Node-H to Collaborate on HSPA/LTE Dual-Mode Femtocells

Nomor Research GmbH and Node-H GmbH announced today that they have signed a framework agreement to develop a dual-mode Protocol Stack Solution for LTE/HSPA femtocells. Both companies have already demonstrated their capabilities in their respective domains of LTE and HSPA, and are now joining forces to offer customers an industry leading dual-mode solution.

(PRWEB) November 5, 2010 – Nomor Research has focused on LTE research and development from the early days of LTE standardization. Leveraging this experience, Nomor is offering a solid product and service portfolio for LTE eNB protocol stacks and has proven to be a reliable partner for equipment manufacturers that are actively seeking early opportunities in this fast-growing market. Nomor’s technology mitigates their risks and reduces the cost of protocol development and testing.

Node-H has established a reputation for excellence in the field of HSPA femtocells. Node-H was the first ISV to achieve technical milestones such as 24 simultaneous calls, 14Mbps HSDPA and 5.7Mbps HSUPA on a femtocell, as well as to fully conform to 3GPP Iu-h standards that allow for the interoperability of femtocells from different manufacturers. The Femto-Forum and 3GPP-driven femtocell standardization process has boosted operators’ confidence to accelerate mass deployment in all major markets. Tens of millions of HSPA femto cells are expected to be deployed in the next few years, with Node-H being a leading supplier of the core software technology.

LTE network deployments are set to increase exponentially in coming years, but HSPA and LTE networks must co-exist since HSPA devices continue to be the fastest growing device type. Efficient dual-mode integration is of particular importance for femtocells used in residential and enterprise environments. LTE devices will use the LTE network capability, while HSPA devices will be served by the HSPA network function. Besides the parallel support of the two access schemes, seamless handover is essential for a uniform user experience. Femtocells will be connected via the standardized Iu-h interface for HSPA and the S1 interface for LTE Evolved Packet Core.

Eiko Seidel, Chief Technical Officer of Nomor Research: “We find it an exciting prospect to work with the experienced Node-H team. Our cooperation will allow us to provide our customers with an industry-leading LTE/HSPA dual-mode femtocell software already at the earliest possible stage. Just as important, the partnership permits us to safeguard the required cost savings with respect to development of low-cost femtocells that support both technologies.”

Mike Cronin, CEO of Node-H: “We want to make it easy for an operator to add LTE to their femtocell roll-out. By working closely with Nomor on seamless integration between HSPA and LTE, we bring forward the day that operators can choose to deploy dual-mode femtocells. High-volume residential deployment is the ultimate goal. With Node-H and Nomor co-operating closely, we have the know-how to bring this technology to market in the shortest possible time frame.”

About Nomor Research GmbH

Nomor Research (http://www.nomor-research.com), based in Munich, Germany, is a leading company in the research and development of future and emerging communication systems that offers related consultancy services and products. Nomor, among other services, is known for its state of the art protocol stack implementation for Long Term Evolution where Nomor offers LTE software modules and related design or integration service used in macro, pico or femtocell base stations or in test equipment.

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About Node-H GmbH

Node-H GmbH (http://www.node-h.com) is a pure-play 3GPP femto cell protocol software company. The company’s portable Iu-H based protocol software disposes of maximum platform capability on leading chip-set platforms. This fully integrated high-performance software was designed for cost-optimized SoC femto cell platforms to help femtocell and residential gateway manufacturers achieve fast time-to-market with a high-quality solution. Node-H is a member of the Femto Forum. Node-H is privately funded and based in Munich, Germany.

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