5G Enterprise cell

Node-H is working with partners to make low-cost Indoor and Outdoor 5G Enterprise cells available for use in 5G Standalone public or private networks. These cells are based on the Qualcomm's FSM100XX SoC technology. SoC technology is essential to meet the cost requirements for widescale deployment of small cells. The same software is used for the indoor and outdoor cells, so that a Campus Network can be managed from a single management system. The management interface is based on the latest O-RAN specifications.

These cells are available now from Node-H and its partners. The software is fully featured and already tested for interoperability with most core networks and a wide selection of UEs. Please contact Node-H for more details.


 Node-H T&W 5G Enterprise cell

 Node-H T&W 5G Enterprise Cell








 Node-H Askey 5G Enterprise cell

 Node-H Askey 5G Enterprise Cell