Private Networks

Node-H and our hardware partners offer turnkey solutions for common private networks in 4G and 5G. Enterprise cells based on Node-H 4G technology have been in used in 4G private networks in lthe Netherlands for several years. Private networks use lightly-licensed spectrum to allow Enterprises to deploy networks using their own equipement, with the option to interwork with the operator networks. The light licensing approach was pioneered in the Netherlands, and this was followed in a different form in the USA using CBRS.

European countries countries such as Germany and the UK are now adopting the same concept using mid-band spectrum for private 5G networks. Other countries in Europe are following the same approach. They are making lightly licensed spectrum available in order to deploy private networks which can operate independently of the incumbent operators. This is likely to be repeated worldwide.

Node-H partners already offer 4G Enterprise cells for use in private networks, and 5G Enterprise small cells for use in the mid-band ranges of in bands band n78 or n77 can be ordered from our partners now. These are low-cost cells based on the latest SoC technology from small cells specialists like Qualcomm. Contact Node-H for more details, and look for further announcements.