15 Apr 2009

Femto Forum membership, April 2009

Node-H is pleased to announce membership of the Femto Forum.

Femto Forum logo

The purpose of the Femto Forum is explained on its web-site (www.femtoforum.org):

"The Femto Forum is a not-for-profit membership organisation founded in 2007 to promote femtocell deployment worldwide.

Comprised of mobile operators, telecoms hardware and software vendors, content providers and innovative start-ups, our mission is to advance the development and adoption of femtocell products and services as the optimum technology for the provision of high-quality 2G/3G coverage and premium services within the residential and SME markets.

The Forum is chartered to encourage the growth of a partner ecosystem committed to innovation in standards-based network infrastructure and to achieve high levels of collaboration and product interoperability."

The text on the Femto Forum site introducing Node-H reads:

"Node-H is a 3G Femtocells software and services company, providing the core base station software to standalone Femtocell and Residential gateway device vendors. Node-H’s business is to facilitate rapid entry to the Femtocell market for device vendors with cost-competitive solutions. The core product implements the RNC part of a 3GPP Iu-h-based Femtocell base station from the Iu-h interface down to the NBap and frame protocol interfaces, and encompasses timing and self-organization aspects. Node-H’s software is portable and platform independent, and is currently targeted at Release 8. Node-H is integrating the portable software on the leading chipset platforms, including the picoChip PC7202 and the Percello PRC6000, through platform-specific drivers. The Node-H team has a track record of delivering outstanding quality and performance in the GSM/UMTS handset business where cost, performance and footprint are critical factors for success, just as they are in Femtocells. Hundreds of millions of production handsets testify to the ability of the team to master real-world interoperability issues. Node-H has developed a proprietary verification system for Femtocell software which allows it to reach a unique level of software quality. The company is based in Munich, Germany."