27 Feb 2017

Node-H Announces Support for Qualcomm® FSM™ Small Cell Silicon

Barcelona, February 27th, 2017: Following last year's changes to the silicon ecosystem, Node-H is pleased to announce it is adding support for the Qualcomm® FSM™ small cell System-on-a-Chip (SoC) family to its portfolio. While Node-H has many new technologies currently in development such as Carrier Aggregation (CA) and License-Assisted Access (LAA), working with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), will additionally provide roadmap features such as IoT Support, 256-QAM and CBRS.

Nick Karter, VP Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, commented “Qualcomm Technologies believes firmly in the role small cells will play to address the ever-evolving demands of modern mobile users. We are happy to be engaged with Node-H to accelerate the advancement of small cell capabilities to enhance users’ experiences, particularly indoor.”

Node-H recently announced the commercial availability of its dual-mode (UMTS and LTE) protocol stack software. Its new enterprise product supports 32 UMTS and 32/64 LTE users simultaneously. This provides high capacity and coverage indoors, which is where 80% of wireless activity occurs. It is of particular appeal to mobile operators needing to deliver high quality voice and data services indoors whilst LTE-based voice (VoLTE) uptake remains problematic. Node-H has won industry awards for its dedication to ensuring interoperability and is compatible with the widest range of core networks, small cell gateways and indeed other cells using SON techniques.

Proven in one of the largest small cell networks in the world, the secret to Node-H's success is that it has developed all aspects of its solution in-house. It has expertise in every area and as such can correct configuration errors or bugs rapidly and with confidence. Changes are validated continuously in Node-H's unique test environment ensuring uninterrupted operation. In the field the cells support a comprehensive problem analysis capability allowing remote identification and diagnosis of issues sometimes even before being noticed by the operator.

About Node-H

Node-H GmbH is a pure-play small cells software company covering UMTS, LTE and dual-mode small cells technologies for residential, enterprise and public small cells. The company’s portable software runs to the maximum platform capability on the leading chipset platforms. The high-performance, fully integrated software was designed for cost-optimized SoC small cells platforms to help device manufacturers achieve fast time-to-market with a high-quality solution. Node-H is a member of the Board of the Small Cells Forum. Node-H is privately funded and based in Munich, Germany. For more information about Node-H, please visit www.node-h.com.


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