26 Jun 2012

Node-H Supports Qualcomm Atheros Small Cell Chipset

Node-H has ported its complete software solution for residential and enterprise small cells to the Qualcomm FSM920x chipset. The Qualcomm UltraSON algorithms to improve the self-organizing capability of the small cells are included in the offering. The Node-H software is the only complete software solution for small cells which is available for multiple chipsets and approved by multiple network vendor eco-systems.

London, U.K. (PRWEB) June 26, 2012 – Node-H has ported its complete software solution for residential and enterprise small cells to the Qualcomm FSM920x chipset. The Node-H software is a high-quality, complete solution for small cells, and is integrated on the Qualcomm small cell chipset. It supports HSPA+ performance and eight users for the residential product and a higher numbers of users for the enterprise product. The integration of the Qualcomm UltraSON(TM) addresses the interference and performance concerns of operators.

Node-H and its partners provide the complete software required for deployment of residential and enterprise small cells. The solution addresses not only the protocol software but also the system, security, timing synchronization, software update, provisioning, self-organization and production aspects of the small cell product. Node-H protocol and provisioning has been fully interoperability tested with multiple network vendor ecosystems, comprising FGW, SeGW and HMS. As a result, OEMs and ODMs can bring a Node-H-based small cell product to market in a matter of months.

“The Node-H software running on Qualcomm FSM chipset provides the highest performance solution available today,” says Mike Cronin, chief executive officer of Node-H. “Qualcomm’s commitment, and technology like UltraSON, along with Node-H’s interoperability, will give operators the confidence to deploy residential and enterprise small cells in high volumes.”

The Qualcomm FSM920x solution is a UMTS femtocell modem which supports the UltraSON software to optimize the user experience while minimizing uplink and downlink interference.

“We are pleased that Node-H is supporting the FSM920x,” says Nick Karter, vice president, business development, Qualcomm Atheros. “Node-H has established its reputation at key operators and is ready-to-deploy at multiple ecosystem vendors. The FSM920x represents a major advance in small cell technology and we are confident that operators will find this a compelling solution.”

Demonstrations of Node-H femtocell features can be viewed at the Node-H website http://www.node-h.com/showcase.html.

About Node-H GmbH

Node-H GmbH is a pure-play small cells software company covering UMTS, LTE and dual-mode small cell technologies for residential, enterprise and metrocells. The company’s portable Iu-H based software runs to the maximum platform capability on the leading chipset platforms. The high-performance fully integrated software was designed for cost-optimized SoC small cell platforms to help device manufacturers achieve fast time-to-market with a high-quality solution. Node-H is represented on the board of the Small Cell Forum. Node-H is privately funded and based in Munich, Germany. For more information about Node-H, please visit http://www.node-h.com.